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ProtemBusinessSupport is a provider of advice to small businesses. For starting a business, 

growing a business, and coaching. Run by Jan Hendriks and his wife Alice. 

After an international career in refractories and technical ceramics, in 1986, Jan started his own industrial marketing business in Holland and later on in South Africa. And was shop owner/sub-postmaster in Great Rollright. As mentor for OBE He helped about 160 people to start their own business. And assisted about 100 companies in business development. He is an associate member of the Institute for Independent Businesses and SFEDI accredited business mentor. Author of: Starting your own Business.

Besides a PhD in Musicology, Alice holds a diploma in Life Coaching from the Oxford College. She has more than 30 years experience as a teacher and life coach at the same time. Whatever your life situation, Alice can help you getting from where you are to where you want to be in less time and avoiding unnecessary obstacles and disappointments.

Starting and growing business brings new challenges such as hiring new staff, raising new capital and entering new markets. We can offer helpful advice, caution against potential pitfalls and give confidence in your plans. 

Starting your own business can be very rewarding and challenging. Your idea can be anything: from a shop, web design, photography, e-commerce, to copy write, etc

You may have several ideas. Most of the times starting business is already for a long time on your mind. The idea itself could have taken 2 seconds.  You can bounce the idea with me on how it can practically be put into a business. And I help you with the business plan

Growing your business is mostly your main concern. ProtemBusinessSupport’s expertise lies in identifying the problems and needs of business owners. By providing expert solutions and advice. Along with “hands-on” support. Ultimately increasing profits for growth and expansion. Thus reducing the pressure on the Managing Director’s time. Jan’s role is to be a trusted confidant helping you to make wise choices. As an outsider he can bring an objective eye to your decision making. He can bring your business forward and help you to blow new life into your business. By sharing with you his business experience

As your mentor we help you look at the “big picture”, and may identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you may have overlooked. to listen, stimulate and challenge your thinking.  This may help you develop your own ideas and arrive at your own solutions to your business challenges. 

It is handy to have someone nearby you can talk to as a business friend who is able to analyze and solve problems in an objective way. In matters such as: purchasing, profit margins, choice of suppliers, sales and market segmentation, how to get clients, product mix, presentation, pricing, advertising, web page, copy write, export, import, e-commerce, prepare a loan package to present to lenders, cash flow, etc.

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